• 2019 Hainan

    Ecological Exploration Study Tour

  • Introduction

    Green Key Education Center has been organizing study tours in various places in mainland China for the past three years. Our study tours to Beijing, Hangzhou, and Chengdu have received positive feedbacks from visiting students and their parents. In this coming winter, we have planned a new study trip — “Hainan Ecology Exploration Study Tour”.


    We have incorporated PBL (Project Based Learning) into this study tour, in the hope of encouraging students’ self-directed learning. Students will explore the ecological features and create a report on their exploration in Hainan Island with the guide of our group leader and local natural experts.

  • Highlights

    Study tour mode

    Lessons will be held in camps of select hotel and outdoor nature sites, to help students build a knowledge base.

    Teaching method

    PBL incorporates multi-subject knowledge into our activities, allowing children to work together and facilitating collaboration.

    The team

    Our team consists of experienced group leader and natural professionals.

    Independent exploration

    During the process of exploring the ocean and tropical rainforest, students are required to create individual report, including text, pictures, samples etc.

    Meeting the demand

    The study tour is suitable for children aged 3-12 years old as we teach in small groups. Siblings can develop their own learning, which makes the study tour a wise choice for families with more than one child.

  • Our teaching sites are located in the EDITION hotels of Marriott Group .

    A half-day every day will be spent on lessons, discussions and research in the hotel. Cross-subject knowledge will include but not limited to:

    • language learning
    • geographical knowledge
    • marine science
    • marine creatures  
    • tropical rainforest botany
    • rainforest bioscience
    • environmental protection

  • Arrive at the tropical primitive island—Boundary Island

    Explore geographic characters

    With the guide of marine experts, students will explore geographic characters and seawater properties

    Feed sea animals

    Feed dolphins, sea lions, devil fish, and turtles etc, and observe their living habits and habitats.


    "To ride the winds and cleave the waves.
    To hoist the sail to cross the sea” !
    In Sanya, we’ll follow professional Nautical Coach, experiment sailing by embedding to the sea, understanding the operation and dynamics of the sail path way. This experience will not only be enriching more knowledge in sailing but expanding skills.
    Let’s nourish your kids' characters by cultivating their quality and skills of persistence, independence, courage and synergy. Excel them in building up responsibility, team-work and cohesiveness.

  • Adventures in the original tropical rainforest

    —Diaoluo Mountain National Forest Park

    Identify tropical rainforest plants and animals, observe peculiar plant phenomenon such as root growth, tree regeneration, blossom etc.

  • the Dates and Fees

    the first batch

    21-24, Dec, 2019

    the second batch

    27-30, Dec, 2019


    • Adults: 12,800 HKD/person

    • Children (3-12 years old): 6,300 HKD/person

    • Children below 3 years old: 3,000HKD/person

      Including accommodation, meals, transportation and tuition fees.

      Plane tickets are not included in the fee.

  • The detailed daily schedule



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